Books in Iowa Schools

Published on 26 July 2023 at 13:47

Speaking on why SF 496 was an important bill as it relates to age-appropriate books in our Iowa schools.

Iowa's parental rights, 'book ban' law goes into effect July 1 |

"We accept movie and video game ratings, explicit warnings on music and internet access. Children in schools do not have unfettered access to any of these things, so books in our schools should be no different."

I believe schools have the responsibility of keeping obscene and pornographic materials out of the hands of children. The graphic nature of some of the books found in this district and districts across the state has shocked the consciousness of many parents and with help of legislators, SF 496 passed and was signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds, protecting children from this material. This bill specifically defines what is age-appropriate and does not allow graphic sexual material as defined in Iowa code 702.17 to be in our schools libraires, classrooms, or educational materials.  This is something I have spoken about publicly since 2021 and I'm proud of our legislators and governor for getting this done.


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