Iowa House Candidate Samantha Fett

The RIGHT CONSERVATIVE Choice for Warren County

I am ready to represent House District 22 for the Legislative Session starting in 2025.  Representing NW and SW Warren County, including Carlisle, Norwalk, Hartford, Cumming, New Virigina, Martensdale and St. Mary's. 

Established LEADER ready to SERVE, PROTECT and DEFEND this district.  Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Pro-2nd Amendment!

The goal in 2024 is to continue to connect with the voters, so you know who I am, what I stand for and how I plan to fight for you!

Vote FETT in the primary election on June 4th


I am a conservative that loves what America stands for and wants to see it thrive based on how the founding fathers intended. This means standing for truth. I am a mom and I care deeply about the next generation which is why I will hold the line with bold leadership. I pledge to stand on our American principles of Faith, Family and Freedom with true conviction.  I am pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and will defend your God-given constitutional rights.  Let's focus on the strength of our families and the skills of our children to build a better future in Iowa.

As Carlisle residents, my husband Josh and I raised two daughters, both graduating from Carlisle High school.  Josh was born and raised in western Iowa, and I am originally from the Chicago suburbs and came to Iowa to attend college.  After meeting my husband, I fell in love with Iowa and rural living, and we decided to make Iowa the place to raise our family.  We have lived in Carlisle the past 13 years and previously lived in Des Moines for 10 years.  Josh is an electrician and I run a marketing firm with previous background in the media industry.  We also enjoy our hobby farm outside of city limits raising chickens.  As active members in our local church, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, we have a passion for supporting youth in our community.

As a mom, I became active in politics after serving as a school board member in the Carlisle school district, standing for parents when it mattered. It's part of my purpose, protecting our parental rights.

This experience motivated me to be more involved in the legislative process. I was able to experience on a grassroots level that working with legislators is how we can create good policy.

I supported bills giving families more choice in their education such as the ESA bill passed during the 2023 Legislative session.  This in addition to bills that support education transparency and teacher empowerment.  I testified many times in sub-committees to advance legislation that protects our freedoms and liberties.  I really believe if you want to see change, then you need to be part of the solution-- it's part of MY WHY 

What you can expect from me is bold leadership, transparency, and access. I will be representing and serving you, so I can in turn provide guidance and policy that expands your freedoms and opportunities. I have invested time in this community, and I am ready to take my experience to the next level! Providing good policy governance is the goal, so let's get it done together.

Political and Civic Experience:

  • Moms for Liberty - Warren County, fighting for parental rights at all levels of government.
  • Grassroots advocacy and ambassador for School Choice-2023
  • Supporter of non-profit to protect the unborn
  • Carlisle School Board Member 2019-2021
  • Advisory Committe, Hispanics for School Choice Reform, HACER
  • Regional Senior Ambassador, Inspired-Life
  • Warren County Central Committee Member
  • Volunteer for local church and Youth Coordinator


Occupation: Marketing Executive

Education: Drake University, BA in Journalism and Mass Communications/Marketing and Advertising.


Ephesians 1:  17-19