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School Choice

Standing for parents when it mattered was an experience that motivated me to get more involved in the legislative process.

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The last few years I have been testifying at the state Captiol and defending polices that promote, faith, family and freedom.  Here are several examples of stories that were reported!


Iowa Fetal Heartbeat Bill 2023


Iowa Capitol crowded as lawmakers consider six-week abortion ban - Radio Iowa

In a special session in July 2023, the Fetal Heartbeat Bill was passed by the House and Senate and signed into law.  Although an injunction prevented it from moving forward, I was proud to be one of the many Iowans who spoke in defense of our unborn. I was able to testify in my support for the bill.

Debate on SF 496 - Parental Rights

Mothers call for more parental say in restricting 'obscene' books in schools - Iowa Capital Dispatch

Lawmakers listen to parents unhappy with the process of challenging school books | KGAN (

Ankeny family prepares to move, saying it comes as a result of bills passed this legislative session (

During the 2023 legislative session, discussions with parents, teachers, school administration and legislators created bills that would protect students.  This was an ongoing process during the session.  I was part of a House Oversight committee to testify on the process books can be challenged at the local level and how broken the process was.  Based on feedback, we were able assist law makers into crafting new policy to make the process more transparent and fair.


WATCH LIVE: Iowa House Gov't Oversight hearing on sexually explicit books in school libraries - The Iowa Standard


Teaching Gender Identity in school

Iowa Public Radio Lawmakers debate LGBTQ policies in schools | Iowa Public Radio

SF 1187- Help not Harm Bill